Our new look in words


The 'E' of ENRIK seamlessly morphing into the 'M' of MACGREGOR. Symbolised by a graphic interpretation of a solid engineering (E/M shaped) tool in forward motion. The synergy of two established market leaders into one well oiled, forward moving machine. A simple, clean new singular face to two reputable companies, both industry leaders in their own respective fields.

A conscious decision was made to drop the word 'Corporation' from our new branding to better reflect our ideology. We are a progressive company made up of amazing people who have the client's individual needs as our primary focus. We're committed to help you achieve a simplified, streamlined and 'human' engineering experience.


Our History


The current ENRIKMACGREGOR group of companies has a rich history spanning almost 50 years.

The original Macgregor Soil and Rock Engineering commenced trading in the early 1970's and is acclaimed as one of the founders of modern day soil testing.

The original Enrik Engineering commenced trading in 1987.

With over 45 years of history and innovation behind us, it is little wonder that the ENRIKMACGREGOR group of today is at the forefront of engineering technology and design.

2016 marks yet another significant milestone in our company's flourishing history with the rolling out of our new look. We are now in a well placed position to handle the progressive nature of engineering and all the modern challenges in the years to come.

The company offers a multi-disciplined platform to accommodate the needs of our clients, including Civil, Structural, Survey and Geotechnical.